"Elees in a hurry" published in Dutch National Geographic calendar 2021

December 2020 - “Elees in a hurry” published in the calendar 2021 of the Dutch National Geographic


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"The Kings of Volunteer Point" sold at Werk aan de Muur!

July 2020 - “After the Storm - part 2” sold for the 4th time at WADM to a friend!


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"Always late" sold at WADM for the 1st time!

CVZ60D_20141022-026 WEB

June 2020 - Sold at Werk aan de Muur for the first time Read More…

"On eye level" sold at WADM 9th time!


May 2020 - “On eye level” sold 9th time at Werk aan de Muur!
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Two photos published in year book of the Fotobond (Dutch photo association)


Apr 2020 Two photos (Puffin Dreams and Gannet Silhouette) published full-page in the year book 2019-2020 of the Fotobond (Dutch Photo Federation) in the category "Nature"!! Read More…

"Playful wolves" sold at OhMyPrints for the 1st time!

CVZ6D_20141231-029 WEB

Apr 2020 - “Playful wolves” sold for the first time at Oh My Prints! Read More…

“Penguins at the Neck” sold for the first time at WADM!

CVZ60D_20141016-101 WEB

Feb 2020 - “Penguins at the Neck” sold for the first time at WADM! Read More…

"Ghosts" sold at WADM 4th time

CVZ60D_20170225-247 WEB

Feb 2020 - Sold at WADM, canvas 2.3m
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