Art Based Learning

Some results of the course 'Art Based Learning' focusing on nature photography; by immersing yourself in a work of art, you discover new possibilities and insights which can be applied in photography. We started in a museum, where I was clearly drawn to a painting at the gothic exposition. So my project in the coming period will probably have a bit of darkness. Well, just check out the first results ;-)

This is the charcoal painting on the gothic exposition that I was drawn to; "Black ice" by Renie Spoelstra. This drawing immediately reminded me of my travels to desolate and infinite landscapes; mountains, glaciers, vulcanos and savannas. Walking along the hills, solo, to the light in the distance...


One of the first attempt to create a picture with the same desolated feeling.

2-Rio Tinto de Paises Bajos .jpg

Not black ice, but a red river. The dark water leads to the light in the distance.

3-Graspol .jpg

Also taken at the red river, tussocks with looming clouds. The result reminds me of the paintings of the old masters.

7-CVZ7D_20220612-018 WEB.jpg

This photo was taken with the charcoal painting in my mind. Not an infinite landscape, but this does have the same shades of light and shadow.

8-CVZ7D_20220612-020 WEB.jpg

Same as the previous photo, a bit more depth in the photo.

16-CVZ7D_20220615-366 WEB.jpg

No "Black ice" but water in a raw and untouched seascape. This photo has an extra layer; new life emerges in the nests of the gannets and bird flu causing death around the same nests.

17-CVZ7D_20220615-490 WEB.jpg

Waves crashing the shore, raw untouched landscape with the same shades of light and darkness.

CVZ7D_20220618-472 WEB.jpg

The wild coast of Shetland; Rocks, waves, stormy weather with a twist.